Monday, January 7, 2008



SATURN OPPOSITE URANUS - October - Another recession challenge, Authority issues and world wide difficulty with business, government, politics, and economics, plus weather hazards and global warming and mankind worldly and environmental warnings.

JUPITER CONJUNCT NEPTUNE - July - Idealism - Under the Table avoidance or progressive. Religious appeal. Universal promotion.

Uranus Station end June (26 Pisces) Retrograde begins

Jupiter Station Mid-June (27 Aquarius 01) Retrograde period begins.

Neptune Late May Station (26 Aquarius) Retrograde begins.

Mercury Retrograde, May (Early Gemini and Late Taurus) - financial reorganization, change of approach to work efficiency and strengths in practicality

Saturn direct in Mid May, 15 degree of Virgo. "An ornamental handkerchief". GRACEFULNESS

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In the right column, 'Are you a Sol Sign?' is a good introduction to should have this at top stating what sol is...then you need to have a chart to allow people to find their designated sign based on? still haven't figured this one out, does someone have to email you their info? Most don't want to do this, you need to set it up so they can check it out then, find corresponding info about themselves...this is what the simple mind looks for, Lots of good info, just can't weed it out.