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The question; is there a significant sign one can find for love?

Recent research shows the Aquarian Sol Tom Cruise has married 3 times, first to Aquarian Mimi Rogers, and to both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes who have Sol Moon in Aquarius. My own relationships with a sol aquarius aligned with my own sol moon in aquarius, and our life is good.


WHY DO WE ATTRACT PAST LOVE? It often is to repeat the past to let it go. You may be more attuned to another and that must occur for you to release and open the next door. Natural or soulful attraction must occur. It may even end even if SOUL is in harmony. It is often not easy to make soul love last in this world or to take love from this world to a higher level. There are many levels or "mansions" and we often make arrangements in the higher as soul to meet here for whatever purpose. Nothing is
accidental. It all is more co-incidental.

We can arrange destiny and change patterns. It might be you learned much, know the depth of the attraction in spiritual terms, and may even later join or meet again, in this world, or the next. but we cannot force love, and so it comes, it goes. Yet if we keep love close, souls of like nature will come to us or be attracted. I had one and went down like a rock, but still know an inner heart, and friendship, although we don't meet outwardly. We must also agree to it physically. In this case, the whole of the chart was not complete. It was like 2 parts great 1 part not. so I realized that and we moved on. The other may not be ready for us either in this lifetime, with other purposes to carry through.

We can really only love one at a time, and so must focus on the love we have. If this is ourselves alone or with spirit, then that is okay and good. We can check the sun sign and physical compatability as a whole, usually the three of sun, moon and rising. Second is the Sol sign matching, and also the Sol sign to Physical matching too. If we have enough in them total, it could be a best bet. But more so, it is best to do this spiritually, that is besides using the stars. We compare a person in soul nature, internal feeling, and also in physical terms (attraction and likes), and in life timing and purpose. If we have all three, chemistry, affinity, and soulfulness, then its' soaring like eagles or swimming like dolphins, depending on our elements.


Your young. It is natural to feel 'complicated'. still you should suspect the nature of man as split, dual, that is of two minds, often one side or the other - MORE left or right brain is a metaphor for it, for it is deeper SELF in man learning to know itself. 2) The dual mind in man was formed as survival mechanism long ago - man became split, as it was in being both Soul and physical. Many see the physical as the only reality or do not connect to Soul and thus feel the split. 3) Often the mind has the separation whereas in our being, Soul and self are one. We live in the physical life with mind and emotion and Soul with us, the best we have ever been, so far. 4) All are learning by the parts of the self, thus meta-study, religion and psychology. Be not worried as your working through. Many are and it takes time. We all must see the variance we have in mind to body, for example. Learning or working through the outer world and looking to find the inner self (being) with our 'inner senses' while we are aware of life and existence. Balance is a key.

Life is a learning process...your 'intellectual' nature is probably one that has at least reached the good attention and willing to study or know. If as we say, Soul is all, the rest is part of the game, life...Finding soul within makes one heal and not look always to outer world answers, or just to parents, history, genetics, or any other relation, except that it makes us whole spiritually and responsible or secure in some physical sense too...So we are not all mental or emotional as some are. There is this unity we build. Once we know the first step, the building process of unity of soul within our physical body is a secret answer, and so living too becomes easier, and peace and certainty follow.

This may sound like words, but beneath we can sense the truth. We use Stars and Signs to mark our way, see the ways we have chosen or our patterns and people or things with us, so we can see this 'variance' in us, and also see the 'constant'. Let yourself use the stars in a positive or proactive, and you may see your own 'creativity' of life, and really move forward in the spiritual and the physical sense too.


Transcension is a new word for the evolution of conscious development within an individual, to advance in Soul is it's inherent prospect. The Sol Signs point to an inner definition which also has relation in the stars. This integrated concept is the same that develops man towards conscious living and a good nature. The entire cross pollination of science, metascience, and universal principles including spiritual love are all finding a place in this new transcension which may develop a real physical cause as soon as 2012, jumping off from world problames like the environmental, political, psychological, warring cultures of violence, and economics and worldly problems which lead us all to consider a greater relation to ourselves and who we are.

Many famous people have the sun and sol sun in the same sign. Notables are Gandhi, Lincoln, and Mick Jagger are firm examples. The self centered success of Barry Bonds is another Sol Leo perfectly fitting his sign. Here as the American Sol Astrologer discovered many ties between the sol sun or moon sign and the sun or sol signs, we observe how many notice and agree with their sun sign, but they know not the depth of the Sol Signs, the 60th harmonic sun sign easily found in any sun sign degree. We are now sure you will see the combination of sun, moon, and sol sun and moon signs matches, that a stronger bond is more likely. The sol sign method does work and reveals the values of the inner self.

Do you know of or have you a sol sign connection? Check your charts.
This forum will cover any sol sign or love sign queries. POST YOUR COMMENTS.

SOUL MATES? Mates in Sol? There is a subtle difference. Sol means the sun, or light, and also the light of Soul. Is this life all there is? Is there a life beyond this lifetime? Many still 'believe' there is only one life, and some think a perfect soul mate is out there. We all know the human imperfection, and we know love can end and also begin. But there are a few people we get along with really well. How do we find them? Firstly, it is by being ourselves. This is in essence, Soulfulness. Second, we might use a little Star help. Third, knowing like attacts like, in being the best we can be. In this soulfulness, we naturally attract other full cup persons who are also full in themselves, a natural soul.

The best aspect of Star Compatability is a shared sun and moon sign. This shows strong physical compatability, at least to general life outlook, approach, likes and dislikes. This is the most common aspect, but most people match up only sun signs, which can be good when elements align, but what about the Chinese year signs, said to match best if born in even or odd numbers years, they say. Generally, your going to get along with the same groups. If you may have both sun and chinese years aligned, then hope for the best. You won't find the method perfect, because our being and life is more than that.

The SOL signs can bring better, especially with a shared sol sun and sol moon sign. But if we have one of these three, year (chinese), month (year), and day (sol)? Is this enough? Do we need all three? the answer is not really, for the basic of relationships are loyalty, agreement on finances, and good communication. Physical chemistry is often the first choice, and can't be bad, either. Of course we don't need signs for that. But we are relative to the universe and our world, so it can't hurt to have both the soulful and physical compatabiility your looking for in friends and lovers and even in business partners. A similar set of goals, and a good attitude, especially love, go a long way.

We must ask the question ARE WE SOUL? DO WE HAVE JUST ONE SIGN? IS THE SOL SIGN AS IMPORTANT? Many follow a daily horoscope, but do they live as one in themsleves? Of course we have many parts, and the sol sign is as strong a clue as is our sun sign. Explore Sol signs, and you will see the light turn on.

Here is a gift to all.Find the qualities you are inside you, and you will attract like-minded and like-hearted others by the law of attraction. If fortune shines through the sun, sol and year signs too, you must have accepted the love inside you. Good will turn to good. That is a law of SOL too.

Paneagle has developed the harmonic formula for SOL signs. For more, read on. The sol sign is the 60th harmonic sun sign. I describe it as the inner sign of a person, found in the second degree of the sun. For example a sun of 14 capricorn 11 is an 11 degree leo sol sign. If you use for the day-harmonic chart date choice and put in 60 you will find the birth chart and the 60th harmonic degrees.

People always have questions. Soul seems to know what and who it is. Having the soul perspective is the step of transcension. Every question has a built in solution, the more specific, the more clearly every answer is waiting resolution, to be open to the urge of the moment dearly! It is far simpler than words. Be who you are.


Are you a butterfly, or a charioteer? Are you a winged horse, owl, or a bear? Are you a eagle, lion, or a deer? Well, we know we are all SOUL, that we are all just SOUL men!

Write for your personal, information, solutions, and answers.

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SOL is the inner self, or light within the individual, Soul. Using a sound word, or name symbol, this star code is a simple reference that has great meaning. SOL ASTROLOGERS use this in horary, progression, natal, place location, relationships, and any other kind of chart, because their is a SOL SIGN in every reference to every position in the chart.

SOL SIGNS are the 12 signs based on inner degree as THE SOL SIGN, using the 60th harmonic. This always corresponds to the minute of degree of any star position.
Astrologers use the tropical or sidereal system will find the sol signs very much
the same, no matter what system they use. It just works this way.

THE SOL ZODIAC: (with sound, constellation, star, symbol) for inner, outer, and relative nature. We have the higher perspective with a outer and inner nature. SOL is also SOUL, or LIGHT, the Sol Sun sign as the INNER SELF. These symbols are pointers of constellation, star, and animal sign types. The symbols and pointers
can change through time. We may use our "constant" stars as guides for today.

1 HERO, Perseus, Cassiopeia, POLARIS (north Star), Hamal, Sheep, Self, Initiate
2 RIVER, Camelopalardis, Eridanus, PLEIADES, Camel, Buffalo, World
3 CHARIOTEER, Auriga, Lynx, CAPELLA, Bird, Cat, Hare, Wisdom
4 UNICORN, Canis major, Monoceres, SIRIUS, Dog, Nurture
5 BEAR, Ursa major, DUBHE, Bear, Lion, Strength
6 SHEPHERD, Bootes, Como Berenice, ARCTURUS, Owl (Nebula), Order
7 GEM, Northen Crown, CROWN STAR, Butterfly, Love
8 DOCTOR-HEALER, Ophiuchus, Hercules, RAS ALHAQUE, Dragon, Power
9 EAGLE, Aquila, ALTAIR, VEGA, Eagle (Galactic Center), Freedom
10 DOLPHIN, Delphinus, Cygnus, DENEB, Swan, Sea Goat, Dolphin, Purpose
11 WINGED HORSE, Pegasus, Cepheus, Equuleus, ENIF, Horse, Soul
12 WHALE, Cetus, Andromeda, FOMALHAUT, Mira, Princess, Whale, Spirit


The SOL SIGN you are favors below for either sun sign or sol sign and spirit sign also:
Aries, Lilan - Dancer, player, motivator, expressive, active, independent, initiative, Hero
Taurus, Shab - Earthy, realistic, builder, productive, robust, controlled, fruitful, strong,
Gemini, Chai - Communication, messenger, traveler, coordinator, Soul Bird,
Cancer, Karun - Nurture, protective, security, familial, emotive, concerned, Dog,
Leo, Ormud - Leader, personal, playful, creative, strong, will, show, demonstrate, Bear,
Virgo, Sharya - Practitioner, craft, perfection, order, health, virtue, design, co-worker, Owl
Libra, Shan - Love, beauty, social, harmony, peace, ideal, adorn, considerate, Butterfly
Scorpio, Prab - Healer, doctor, wealth, value, depth, focus, passion, transform, Dragon
Sagittarius, Sage - freedom, joy, expand, sojourn, sol traveler, Eagle
Capricorn, Diya - Discpline, restraint, control, purpose, execute, dependable, conserve, Swan, Dolphin
Aquarius, Sangwan, independent, progressive, advancing, friendship, universal, technology, free-spirit, individual, Winged Horse
Pisces, Dayal, compassion, artistry, spirit, service, empath, intuitive, caretaker, Whale,

This SOL LIST includes sound, constellation, star, animal, keywords
1 HERO, Perseus, POLARIS (north Star), Cassiopeia, HAMAL, Sheep, Self, Initiate
2 RIVER, Camelopalardis, Eridanus, PLEIADES, Camel, Buffalo, World, Life
3 CHARIOTEER, Auriga, Lynx, CAPELLA, Bird, Cat, Hare, Wisdom
4 UNICORN, Canis major, Monoceres, SIRIUS, Dog, Nurture
5 BEAR, Ursa major, DUBHE, Bear, Lion, Lynx, Strength
6 SHEPHERD, Bootes, Como Berenice, ARCTURUS, Owl (Nebula), Order
7 GEM, Northen Crown, CROWN STAR, Butterfly, Love
8 DOCTOR-HEALER, Ophiuchus, Hercules, RAS ALHAQUE, Dragon, Power
9 EAGLE, Aquila, ALTAIR, VEGA, Eagle (Galactic Center), Freedom
10 DOLPHIN, Delphinus, Cygnus, DENEB, Swan, Sea Goat, Dolphin, Purpose
11 WINGED HORSE, Pegasus, Cepheus, Equuleus, ENIF, Horse, Soul
12 WHALE, Cetus, Andromeda, FOMALHAUT, Mira, Princess, Whale, Spirit

1 is YU, THE SOUND OF SOUL! THE LILA, dancer of life
2 is BU, THE WORLD OF SOUL! THE SAMPATTI, treasure and value of life
3 is CU, THE SONG OF SOUL! THE CHAITANYA, of Intelligence
4 is DU, THE DUTY OF SOUL! THE KARUNA, of active compassion
5 is VU, THE ROYAL SOUL! THE ORMUD, the illuminated ones
6 is JU, THE WORK OF SOUL! THE SHARIAT, modes of behavior
7 is LU, THE LOVE OF SOUL! THE SHAN, those of love, lover of love
8 is MU, THE DEPTH OF SOUL! THE PRABHU, healing control of power
9 is NU, THE JOY OF SOUL! THE SAHAJI, soul travelers
10 is PU, THE NOBLE SOUL! THE NIYANA, the self restrained
11 is WU, THE UNIVERSAL SOUL! THE SANGWA, to understand
12 is ZU, THE SPIRIT OF SOUL! THE DAYA, those of spirit and mercy

SOL ASTROLOGY is founded by Peter (Paneagle) and will be available in this blog and by email for sol signs, year ahead current events, and prognostication as well as education and writing email consultation.

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BIRTH STAR: The stars rise or peak on the Axis point Horizon or Nadir/Midheaven.
SOL STAR: The star on the Axis points in the SOL 60th harmonic chart.
The STAR of SPIRIT: a STAR on the Axis in the 3600x Harmonic chart.

We each have a number of strong stars, but when a Star is close to the Axis, it is important to verify its' exact position and meaning. Here is a list of STARS and degrees. You can verify positions in your ASTROLOGY CHART through the Galactician Paneagle.


REGULUS 0 VIRGO, Subconscious awareness, detail perception, order of operation
VEGA 9 CAPRICORN, harmonic sound, vibrational associative reliability
ANTARES 7 SAG, Anti-arian, non conflict pro-activity, definitive resistance
ARCTURUS 4 SCO, shepherd, end of harvest, depth of consolidation
CAPH 5 TAURUS, good nature, soil planting
PLEIDES 27 TAURUS, seven sisters, associative material
CAPELLA 20 GEMINI, messenger from heaven, traveler
ALDEBERAN 5 TAURUS, red star, earth like development, materiality
SIRIUS 14 CANCER, familial, youth vitality, rainbow of loyalty
ALTAIR 29 CAPRICORN, eagle spirit, freedom's power, sharpness of vision
FOMALHAUT 13 PISCES, surrender, indulgence release, habitual resignation
RAS ALHAQUE 24 SAG freedom inspired, expression of ideals
PORIMMA 10 LIBRA, relative benign relationships
SPICA 21 LIBRA, harvest
POLLUX CANCER, one of twins, formal relation
PROCYON 27 CANCER, mental acuity, emotional depth
ARRAKIS 25 SCORPIO, power of seed or source, weakness as strength, power to overcome


Sirius 2.6 parsecs Procyon 3.5 Arcturus 11.0 Gacrux Mira 74.3 Ras 17.6 Aldeberan 20.5 Caph 13.7 5 tau Fomalhaut 6.9 3pis Alpharatz 41.1 14ari Alnair 19.4 16aqu Pollex 10.7 23can Alsafi 5.7 0tau Spica 52 23lib 5.1 1aqu altair 4.9 0gem keid 22.7 7 tau hamal 24.4 11vir zosma 13.0 22vir denebola 23.1 0 tau mirach 15.8 4tau sheratan 14.9 20 can castor 22.9 12 sco alphecca 483 24vir como berenices 58 23 aqua kitalpha 21 15sco zebelgenubi 31.5 15leo dubhe 36.87 17 lib kraz 44 16cap arkab posterior 47 27lib markeb 33 18tau ruchbah 32 23pis markab 16.7 12 sco menkent 13.5 22gem capella 27 3sag yed posterior 25.5 25scorpio arrakis 62.7 0aries scheat




Capella, The Messenger or Charioteers brightest star, passes over Minneapolis and central Europe every day. The Pleiades, also called the seven sisters passes over Hawaii every day. As certain stars do pass over our heads on the same longitude line every day, have you seen that what you feel about certain places can give a tell and reveal more ABOUT YOU? The Star-GPS system maps the Longitude and latitude points to pinpoint places to live, to work, or have friends and work associations or investment potentials of people or business who live or come from there, to HIGHLIGHT POINTS of real value. You may find the love of your life or a career as close as right next door, or far away. Like a satellite, the GPS system covers every degree of the globe. Here's how it works.

STAR-GPS uses the distance from the Equator to the Latitude or the Greenwich Mean Time for the Longitude. Go west in Longitude from 0 Aries, or go north from the Equator. Zone areas can be divided into an ASTRO-GPS system of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 30 degrees. It's rather simple, but works as part of a tri-locating system.

PANEAGLE uses three methods to COORDINATE BIRTH ASPECTS, ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY LINES and the STAR GPS which are the GENERIC SIGNS of a place FROM EQUATOR OR GMT such as 5 degree zones or 30 degree on the LONG OR LAT zones. If the planet signs match from your birth date chart or inception of a business or marriage, there will be harmonic affinity and value in that place related to that planet symbol. Jupiter, Sun, Moon,
Mercury, Venus, Uranus, each has it's character and nature to be found.


The strongest GPS are on the 30 degree zones. In the USA. West 60 to 90 longitude is Gemini and 90 to 120 is Cancer. From the equator, 0 to 30 is Aries where aries would be warm zone, independent people. North 30 to 60 is Taurus, earthy, solid, the garden and breadbasket of America and money is found. One example is Los Angeles, as 4th degree of the 2nd sign Taurus shows a preponderence of late april born taureans who comprise a hollywood elite such as Streisand Nicholson Maclaine Thurman Bullock and many many more. LA is also a double Aquarius filmmakers star power haven at the 34th degree and 118th degree. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta come to mind in this group.

Paneagle suggests that if you have both GOOD ASTRO-CART LINES and also strong Star-GPS in one or more of the 1,5, 10, 15 or 30th degrees, you can expect more out of a place. He lives in a 5 degree leo zone (with five planets in leo for the homeowner). We find these points interesting in the USA: 70 to 75 degree for the GEMINI Ivy league new england student intellectuals and busy NYC busy media travel center and home of immigrants, and 75 to 80 is Cancer with washington DC at 77 in the middle holding our USA Birth SUN at 13 Cancer. Star-GPS works and it helps to know some of those special places you may have to live on, go to, or visit, for love, business, or travel. Each place will have a unique quality, and be unique for each person.


As Paneagle is the American SOL Astrology, his own lines in DC show Uranus in Washington, but no other best line, so its not his first choice. However, strongly freedom oriented, he does have his Sun conjunct (at the same degree)in sagittarius to share the sign of the USA rising, amd significantly, his sol sign in gemini is conjunct too. He has good trips there. The DC degrees are Gemini and Virgo, and these are his moon and rising signs. He suggests we all use our best signs, the rising, sun, moon, and sol sign for best progress. For eagle, The affinity to national history is there. Our blogspot, the AMERGINAL, and AMERICAN SOL both cover some wider ground for Americans and Stargazers. Each of you can find similar place alignments, with real value to understanding or by using them.

Paneagle gives experience in signals of the Astro star GPS lineups. We do live in the land of the free, but we must see what and where is best.

Paneagle offers consultation and STAR GPS Lists via email


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We have heard the month of music is June. Paneagle says SOL SIGNS aligned with our PLANET POSITIONS may help us realize major musicians and dates of songs could highlight the music we love. Find a musician who has your good planet degrees near their sun dates, or check out a chart of a favorite musician.

EXAMPLES of the MUSIC STARS (June is the month of music)

May gemini's Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan (both top regarded songwriters)- June Gemini's are Paul McCartney, Miles Davis - May born Taurus' is Stevie Wonder, Stevie Winwood, Pat Benatar - Cancer is Jeff Beck, Leo is Mick Jagger, Sagittarius is Beethoven, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Scorpio - Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt and Aquarius is Mozart, Virgo - Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, Libra - John Lennon, Jackson Browne
Aries - Eric Clapton Capricorn - Rod Stewart, Pisces - Jon Bon Jovi and George Harrison

Gemini is Mozart, Leo - Mick Jagger, Sagittarius - John Lennon, Aquarius - Stevie Nicks, Scorpio - Bob Dylan, Capricorn - Jimi Hendrix.

For those SOL signs of famous people and celebrities, to your own best SIGNS AND DATES, check with us. You will be AMAZED at the CONNECTIONS.

John Lennon and Paul Mccartney met on a weekend in August in 1957, a day fated for greatness, and during an afternoon music event, played together for the first time.
They met during an exact SUN and SOL SIGN both in Star making LEO, the Lion, as directly opposed the sol of mars in aquarius, while mars and pluto formed a power chord in Leo, and sextile Neptune, while jupiter also opposed its good friend, sol Jupiter in Pisces to Virgo, giving them craft, talent, and strength.

The follow up Hard Days Night movie of 1964, lucky 7 years later was released with the SOL SIGN IN LEO, during July, and the trip to New York and Shea Stadium was in mid-august and included a sun conjunct mercury in leo, again, and sextile jupiter in
musical gemini. The Ed Sullivan show event of Feb 9, 1964 had a sun in aquarius and the sol moon in aquarius, with sol sign libra conjunct sol mars and the moon node and both trine mercury and venus of artistic expression, to be known as one of the most notable social and most watched events of the century, all of this in sweet arrangement to the original Leo born positions, destined to meet and become what could be called the most famous songwriting team of all time.


Its perfect the perfect imperfection
Its pure the pure love of god
Its truth the master and spirit Vu
Its soul and song in eternal HU
It is ever the light and sound

Take the high road within
Take the long road of heart
Take the easy path with you
Ease the fear and loss and doubt

Live the way of good and love
Live the hope to the dawn
Live the perfection of soul
With the love here and home

Forever it is here to come
Eternal is and ever becomes
Existence of the light, the sound
And being conscious and calm

The Masters have walked you are before
Your along the same call and form
The fresponsible come into the fold
On the ever here now Golden Road


In 1987, his father and fans of Hendrix commissioned the James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix Foundation, as his progressed sun was conjunct his SOL CAPRICORN degree. The creation of ARE YOU EXPERIENCED was recorded in NOV 1966 during the largest meteor shower in recorded history. He was a triple threat with SOL SUN CONJUNCT his SPIRIT ASC and his SPIRIT MOON. The fiery spirit of success artistry (Aries sol-MC and sign spirit mc pisces and sol Capricorn). HENDRIX was also a 6 degree Leo the lion (Sun in Spirit), a dynamic star sign. This is a definitive example of the power and revelation of the SOL and SPIRIT SIGN methods, something we feel JIMI would greatly approve, even if like most, he took Astrology as a secondary study. But there is the proof in signs of the Soul and Spirit of Jimi Hendrix during his lifetime. We wish him great love wherever his Spirit and Soul has gone.

(JIMI HENDRIX (11-27-42) is Sun 4sag50 sol 20CAP 6LEO SPIRIT - MOON 28can 4 48 LUNA 4SAG PSI MOON 18CAP ASC 24SAG40 48 SOLASC 10TAU PSI ASC 18CAP - MC 24lib 11 34 SOL MC 11ARIES PSI MC 4PISCES - Prog 42 5SAG 1966 29SAG 1967 0CAP - 20 CAP AGE 45 = 1987)

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The short list are good examples of true sol sign types. Even then we must know not all can so well exemplify their sign, as in the traditional view. But these serve well, and the combination of sun and sol signs goes far to state the current development of our nature.


Famous list: Ellen Burstyn is Sol Libra, Eddie Murphy Sol Cancer, Edgar Cayce SOL is Sagittarius, Tracy Ullman with cancer sol, Jim morrison Scorpio Sol, Julianne Moore is Taurus sol, Johnny Depp is Gemini, Jody Foster is sol Virgo, Julie Christie is Pisces sol, David Letterman is Sagittarius sol, Donald Trump is Sol Capricorn, Dalai Lama is Sol Taurus, Jon Voight Capricorn Sol, John Ritter was Sol Taurus, John Belushi Sol Sagittarius, Jude law is Sol Cancer, James Dean is Sol Taurus (Hollywood is often famous with taurus people), Keanu Reeves is Sol scorpio, Meg Ryan Sol Libra, Mata Hari is sol libra also, and Mel Gibson is a cusp of Sol Aries and Taurus, David Bowie is a natural Sol Aquarius, Nickolas Sarkozy Sol Leo, Mozart is Sol Gemini, Madonna Sol Aquarius, Jennifer Lopez with recent twins is Sol Cancer, Sophie Marceau is Sol Aries, Sharon Stone is Sol Cancer with many charity efforts to her credit, Scarlet Johansen another hollywood Sol Taurus, Catherine Zeta Jones is Sol Leo, Paris Hilton as Sol Capricorn with her sol moon in libra. Even we are amazed at how many of these true sol signs fit the persons.

Any person can find their sun and moon and the sol sun and sol moon signs and has a real chance of knowing most of their character and life destiny to be outlined by the star events to these positions. For a SOL CHART, send an email to paneagle
via this blogspot.

Best STARS to all; Peter



The SOL SUN SIGN changes every 12 hours. Relative to each SUN SIGN, the SOL SIGNS using a sound "CU" word or name such as Shab as Libra, the lover of life, Prabhu for wealth or the 8th Sol sign of Scorpio, or the 10th Niyan for the self-restrained Capricorn type. Each of these describes a sol sign as follows;
11.Sangwa(n), the visionary, the seer, inclusive, the individual, Friend.
7. Bhakti, the lover of life, butterfly of heaven, beauty, Golden Crown.
5. Ormud, the Lion of spirit, the strong, lion hearted, illuminated Sol, Bear.
4. Karuna the caring one, the caregiver, the devoted one, Unicorn.
6. Shariat, the perfection of light and sound. The co-worker, Owl.
1. Lilan the joy dancer, Soul dancer, heroic, spirited, Hero, King or Queen.
2. Bhajan, the music of spirit, the sampatti, soul singer, the beauty of life, Camel.
12. Dayal (Dayaka) the trusting, compassionate, the servant, caretaker, Whale.
10. Niyana the self restrained, the purposeful spirit, disciplined, Dolphin.
3. Chaitan the messenger, the song of spirit, the soul Bird of heaven.
8. Prabhu Transformer of spirit, the bountiful of heaven, Wealth, Dragon.
9. Sahaj, the soul traveler of heaven, the wise, Eagle.


Aries Sol the Hero will realize heroic integrity of action and expression are always in cooperation with an inner to outer sense, as within so without, while initiative to purpose in body or spirit are unified.

Taurus Sol the builder will realize the calm balanced exterior as a channel for life such as needed income production or values built spiritually being as well as to integrate with life and earthly human necessity.

Gemini Sol the messenger charioteer will realize intelligence is actual spiritual capacity known through the mind and work in pure knowing or inner awareness to see the everpresent relation of self to life.

Cancer Sol The caretaker will realize nurture and care is a wholeness where help is available to the larger context of helping oneself, and seeing foundation of what is necessary for the whole, body, mind and spirit.

Leo Sol the Illuminated One will realize its light of being beyond ego is complete unity of character and being, so to present soul's dynamic nature within the self to know soul creates its reality.

Virgo Sol the wise healer owl to realize co-working in soul development of self in life, integrated cooperative effort from within to without with prominent health of being and lifestyle.

Libra sol is the Bhakti, lover of life, the sweet butterfly of love, the gem of the northern crown, who realizes it love underneath all things in beauty, design, and value of existence

Scorpio sol is the dragon, and Ophiuchus doctor healer, who realizes empowerment and passion for soul being and bringing deep realization of its place and power.

Sagittarius sol is the eagle, joyful flying free who realizes knowledge in wisdom, of knowing independent spirit in all things.

Capricorn sol is the swan of beauty and heavenly grace who realizes love and purpose to value soul's unity with spirit.

Aquarius sol is the winged horse of freedom who realizes the universal spirit independent in self and united to all things.

Pisces sol is the divine whale caretaker in the ocean of love and mercy who realizes Dayal compassion as channel of empathic artistic creativity in soul.

The 60th harmonic is the sol signs of the inner self, covering the 5 bodies in 12 signs and within each individual marks the wholeness of spirit that they are as Soul, a particle or cell of god.

(use these as your sun sign or the 60x SOL SIGN)

Chaitan/Chaitanya 3rd GEMINI TYPE

You are the soul bird, that wings in god`s sight, the spirit rider, who soars across god`s eyes; claim not less, lest ye be more, oh soul winged spirit, life ever is yours!

Daya/Dayal 12th PISCES TYPE

Your sweet surrender, all-merciful, eternal perceived, hearing spirits ocean gods light and sound received, thus the artist, priest, or servant, thus the pleasures of peace, sailing by compassion, to return ever home believed!

Shab/Shabda 2nd TAURUS TYPE

Wealth of treasures, treasure of wealth, bountiful earth, and boundless heaven, soul is the purpose, its sound hears the source, to echo God`s holy word of love.


Dance for joy, joyfully dance, soul dancers of heaven, the heroic rises above, while deeply attuned to life, the play of soul within, the world adventure without, express irrepressible freedom, and the initiative of spirit, self-aware of your place, and active surrender in action!


Soul traveler of heaven, explorer and adventurer, divine god-men of Soul, Every world is yours to expand, touching all wisdoms’ power, in ecstatic enthusiasm joys, For sheer wonder of god in its nature, unbounded indivisible and whole, the eternal traveler will serve!

Sharya/Shariat 6th VIRGO TYPE

Precise perfecting virtue, God`s code of behavior heals, wisdom keeper of perfect grace, genuine, eternal, graceful place, in existence of the Shariat masters, humble ecstasy, cooperative surrender, to work, to love, to serve, to give, and here now discover, for one and all to live!

Sangwa/Sangwan 11th AQUARIUS TYPE

Detached Diamond truth, reverent eternal youth inventive humane and sublime, ancient one renewed and benign, eclectic or changed, far and wide of heaven by winged horse is famed, bearing the many home, by your light of the Friend!

Karun/Karuna 4th CANCER TYPE

Karuna of the Dove, for your beloved, as you love, guardian caretaker, of active compassion, the soul of the wise, as the parent, lover, or mother, resting protective giver, await not your heart that shall ever beat for you the lover, as your beloved!

Ormud/Ormuda 5th LEO TYPE

The illuminated one, playful, childlike, strong, by grace of power of spirit, stands before all with presence, you are the shining golden light, independent as Gods’ great champions, Souls’ own spirit itself, that gift is life always forever!

Bhakta/Bhakti 7th LIBRA TYPE

The bright butterfly of love, ever beautiful of color, the light and sound of grace, the heart of ideal peace, your beloved angel of heaven, to know your wise, the good, and the lover, to walk poised, serene, and at ease to walk in beauty forever!

Prabhu/Prabhu 8th SCORPIO TYPE

Power is Soul being formed, Soul is power transformed humble not of place, but being, bounty not of wealth, but knowing, thy light is thy commandment, thy sight is thy self, and to this pure power creates, by creating, love exists of itself!

Niyan/Niyana 10th CAPRICORN TYPE
The purpose of heaven, the heaven of purpose, to realize the structures of soul, to love principled and empower the word, to be hierarchal and measured, yet creating within the moment, as needs be, needs met, this service to lead and know to be led, as dolphins ride Niyana home, The Niyan self-restrained and whole!

THE 60TH HARMONIC: As there are five forces in physics, Man is said to be of five bodies or vehicles of energy, being the body, emotions, causality (karma), mind, and spirit. This is 5 times 12 or 60, and relates to this high value principle.

SOL SIGN METHOD: The 60th harmonic of the minute of arc of birth, a degree for each minute of degree, is significant astrology because it relates to the inner self, and has dynamics of our real individuality. It is the chart of sol (sun), or the light of Soul. It may be called the sol sign, as we avoid using the word soul to the extent we do not mean to say any one soul has one sign, as we are a conglomeration and fullness that has no specific. It is that we are. Yet here is a useful marker in the chart for the person and this lifetime of our soul purpose.