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The question; is there a significant sign one can find for love?

Recent research shows the Aquarian Sol Tom Cruise has married 3 times, first to Aquarian Mimi Rogers, and to both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes who have Sol Moon in Aquarius. My own relationships with a sol aquarius aligned with my own sol moon in aquarius, and our life is good.


WHY DO WE ATTRACT PAST LOVE? It often is to repeat the past to let it go. You may be more attuned to another and that must occur for you to release and open the next door. Natural or soulful attraction must occur. It may even end even if SOUL is in harmony. It is often not easy to make soul love last in this world or to take love from this world to a higher level. There are many levels or "mansions" and we often make arrangements in the higher as soul to meet here for whatever purpose. Nothing is
accidental. It all is more co-incidental.

We can arrange destiny and change patterns. It might be you learned much, know the depth of the attraction in spiritual terms, and may even later join or meet again, in this world, or the next. but we cannot force love, and so it comes, it goes. Yet if we keep love close, souls of like nature will come to us or be attracted. I had one and went down like a rock, but still know an inner heart, and friendship, although we don't meet outwardly. We must also agree to it physically. In this case, the whole of the chart was not complete. It was like 2 parts great 1 part not. so I realized that and we moved on. The other may not be ready for us either in this lifetime, with other purposes to carry through.

We can really only love one at a time, and so must focus on the love we have. If this is ourselves alone or with spirit, then that is okay and good. We can check the sun sign and physical compatability as a whole, usually the three of sun, moon and rising. Second is the Sol sign matching, and also the Sol sign to Physical matching too. If we have enough in them total, it could be a best bet. But more so, it is best to do this spiritually, that is besides using the stars. We compare a person in soul nature, internal feeling, and also in physical terms (attraction and likes), and in life timing and purpose. If we have all three, chemistry, affinity, and soulfulness, then its' soaring like eagles or swimming like dolphins, depending on our elements.


Your young. It is natural to feel 'complicated'. still you should suspect the nature of man as split, dual, that is of two minds, often one side or the other - MORE left or right brain is a metaphor for it, for it is deeper SELF in man learning to know itself. 2) The dual mind in man was formed as survival mechanism long ago - man became split, as it was in being both Soul and physical. Many see the physical as the only reality or do not connect to Soul and thus feel the split. 3) Often the mind has the separation whereas in our being, Soul and self are one. We live in the physical life with mind and emotion and Soul with us, the best we have ever been, so far. 4) All are learning by the parts of the self, thus meta-study, religion and psychology. Be not worried as your working through. Many are and it takes time. We all must see the variance we have in mind to body, for example. Learning or working through the outer world and looking to find the inner self (being) with our 'inner senses' while we are aware of life and existence. Balance is a key.

Life is a learning process...your 'intellectual' nature is probably one that has at least reached the good attention and willing to study or know. If as we say, Soul is all, the rest is part of the game, life...Finding soul within makes one heal and not look always to outer world answers, or just to parents, history, genetics, or any other relation, except that it makes us whole spiritually and responsible or secure in some physical sense too...So we are not all mental or emotional as some are. There is this unity we build. Once we know the first step, the building process of unity of soul within our physical body is a secret answer, and so living too becomes easier, and peace and certainty follow.

This may sound like words, but beneath we can sense the truth. We use Stars and Signs to mark our way, see the ways we have chosen or our patterns and people or things with us, so we can see this 'variance' in us, and also see the 'constant'. Let yourself use the stars in a positive or proactive, and you may see your own 'creativity' of life, and really move forward in the spiritual and the physical sense too.


Transcension is a new word for the evolution of conscious development within an individual, to advance in Soul is it's inherent prospect. The Sol Signs point to an inner definition which also has relation in the stars. This integrated concept is the same that develops man towards conscious living and a good nature. The entire cross pollination of science, metascience, and universal principles including spiritual love are all finding a place in this new transcension which may develop a real physical cause as soon as 2012, jumping off from world problames like the environmental, political, psychological, warring cultures of violence, and economics and worldly problems which lead us all to consider a greater relation to ourselves and who we are.

Many famous people have the sun and sol sun in the same sign. Notables are Gandhi, Lincoln, and Mick Jagger are firm examples. The self centered success of Barry Bonds is another Sol Leo perfectly fitting his sign. Here as the American Sol Astrologer discovered many ties between the sol sun or moon sign and the sun or sol signs, we observe how many notice and agree with their sun sign, but they know not the depth of the Sol Signs, the 60th harmonic sun sign easily found in any sun sign degree. We are now sure you will see the combination of sun, moon, and sol sun and moon signs matches, that a stronger bond is more likely. The sol sign method does work and reveals the values of the inner self.

Do you know of or have you a sol sign connection? Check your charts.
This forum will cover any sol sign or love sign queries. POST YOUR COMMENTS.

SOUL MATES? Mates in Sol? There is a subtle difference. Sol means the sun, or light, and also the light of Soul. Is this life all there is? Is there a life beyond this lifetime? Many still 'believe' there is only one life, and some think a perfect soul mate is out there. We all know the human imperfection, and we know love can end and also begin. But there are a few people we get along with really well. How do we find them? Firstly, it is by being ourselves. This is in essence, Soulfulness. Second, we might use a little Star help. Third, knowing like attacts like, in being the best we can be. In this soulfulness, we naturally attract other full cup persons who are also full in themselves, a natural soul.

The best aspect of Star Compatability is a shared sun and moon sign. This shows strong physical compatability, at least to general life outlook, approach, likes and dislikes. This is the most common aspect, but most people match up only sun signs, which can be good when elements align, but what about the Chinese year signs, said to match best if born in even or odd numbers years, they say. Generally, your going to get along with the same groups. If you may have both sun and chinese years aligned, then hope for the best. You won't find the method perfect, because our being and life is more than that.

The SOL signs can bring better, especially with a shared sol sun and sol moon sign. But if we have one of these three, year (chinese), month (year), and day (sol)? Is this enough? Do we need all three? the answer is not really, for the basic of relationships are loyalty, agreement on finances, and good communication. Physical chemistry is often the first choice, and can't be bad, either. Of course we don't need signs for that. But we are relative to the universe and our world, so it can't hurt to have both the soulful and physical compatabiility your looking for in friends and lovers and even in business partners. A similar set of goals, and a good attitude, especially love, go a long way.

We must ask the question ARE WE SOUL? DO WE HAVE JUST ONE SIGN? IS THE SOL SIGN AS IMPORTANT? Many follow a daily horoscope, but do they live as one in themsleves? Of course we have many parts, and the sol sign is as strong a clue as is our sun sign. Explore Sol signs, and you will see the light turn on.

Here is a gift to all.Find the qualities you are inside you, and you will attract like-minded and like-hearted others by the law of attraction. If fortune shines through the sun, sol and year signs too, you must have accepted the love inside you. Good will turn to good. That is a law of SOL too.

Paneagle has developed the harmonic formula for SOL signs. For more, read on. The sol sign is the 60th harmonic sun sign. I describe it as the inner sign of a person, found in the second degree of the sun. For example a sun of 14 capricorn 11 is an 11 degree leo sol sign. If you use for the day-harmonic chart date choice and put in 60 you will find the birth chart and the 60th harmonic degrees.

People always have questions. Soul seems to know what and who it is. Having the soul perspective is the step of transcension. Every question has a built in solution, the more specific, the more clearly every answer is waiting resolution, to be open to the urge of the moment dearly! It is far simpler than words. Be who you are.


Are you a butterfly, or a charioteer? Are you a winged horse, owl, or a bear? Are you a eagle, lion, or a deer? Well, we know we are all SOUL, that we are all just SOUL men!

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Anonymous said...

Those are pretty good interpretations about his encounter with those related to Aquarian ladies, I am an Aquarian but I don't seem to relate to a fellow lay Aquarian. Is there anything wrong?

Paneagle said...

We have affinity with many signs, but not always with all of one sign. The Sun and Sol Sign shows an important affinity, which could be with an Aquarian, but how independent we can be may determine the level of friendliness, Aquarians definitely included. I have aquarius sol moon and found I like many of with those who have Sol in Aquarius, hihgly intelligent and free spirits that they are.