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The SOL SUN SIGN changes every 12 hours. Relative to each SUN SIGN, the SOL SIGNS using a sound "CU" word or name such as Shab as Libra, the lover of life, Prabhu for wealth or the 8th Sol sign of Scorpio, or the 10th Niyan for the self-restrained Capricorn type. Each of these describes a sol sign as follows;
11.Sangwa(n), the visionary, the seer, inclusive, the individual, Friend.
7. Bhakti, the lover of life, butterfly of heaven, beauty, Golden Crown.
5. Ormud, the Lion of spirit, the strong, lion hearted, illuminated Sol, Bear.
4. Karuna the caring one, the caregiver, the devoted one, Unicorn.
6. Shariat, the perfection of light and sound. The co-worker, Owl.
1. Lilan the joy dancer, Soul dancer, heroic, spirited, Hero, King or Queen.
2. Bhajan, the music of spirit, the sampatti, soul singer, the beauty of life, Camel.
12. Dayal (Dayaka) the trusting, compassionate, the servant, caretaker, Whale.
10. Niyana the self restrained, the purposeful spirit, disciplined, Dolphin.
3. Chaitan the messenger, the song of spirit, the soul Bird of heaven.
8. Prabhu Transformer of spirit, the bountiful of heaven, Wealth, Dragon.
9. Sahaj, the soul traveler of heaven, the wise, Eagle.


Aries Sol the Hero will realize heroic integrity of action and expression are always in cooperation with an inner to outer sense, as within so without, while initiative to purpose in body or spirit are unified.

Taurus Sol the builder will realize the calm balanced exterior as a channel for life such as needed income production or values built spiritually being as well as to integrate with life and earthly human necessity.

Gemini Sol the messenger charioteer will realize intelligence is actual spiritual capacity known through the mind and work in pure knowing or inner awareness to see the everpresent relation of self to life.

Cancer Sol The caretaker will realize nurture and care is a wholeness where help is available to the larger context of helping oneself, and seeing foundation of what is necessary for the whole, body, mind and spirit.

Leo Sol the Illuminated One will realize its light of being beyond ego is complete unity of character and being, so to present soul's dynamic nature within the self to know soul creates its reality.

Virgo Sol the wise healer owl to realize co-working in soul development of self in life, integrated cooperative effort from within to without with prominent health of being and lifestyle.

Libra sol is the Bhakti, lover of life, the sweet butterfly of love, the gem of the northern crown, who realizes it love underneath all things in beauty, design, and value of existence

Scorpio sol is the dragon, and Ophiuchus doctor healer, who realizes empowerment and passion for soul being and bringing deep realization of its place and power.

Sagittarius sol is the eagle, joyful flying free who realizes knowledge in wisdom, of knowing independent spirit in all things.

Capricorn sol is the swan of beauty and heavenly grace who realizes love and purpose to value soul's unity with spirit.

Aquarius sol is the winged horse of freedom who realizes the universal spirit independent in self and united to all things.

Pisces sol is the divine whale caretaker in the ocean of love and mercy who realizes Dayal compassion as channel of empathic artistic creativity in soul.

The 60th harmonic is the sol signs of the inner self, covering the 5 bodies in 12 signs and within each individual marks the wholeness of spirit that they are as Soul, a particle or cell of god.

(use these as your sun sign or the 60x SOL SIGN)

Chaitan/Chaitanya 3rd GEMINI TYPE

You are the soul bird, that wings in god`s sight, the spirit rider, who soars across god`s eyes; claim not less, lest ye be more, oh soul winged spirit, life ever is yours!

Daya/Dayal 12th PISCES TYPE

Your sweet surrender, all-merciful, eternal perceived, hearing spirits ocean gods light and sound received, thus the artist, priest, or servant, thus the pleasures of peace, sailing by compassion, to return ever home believed!

Shab/Shabda 2nd TAURUS TYPE

Wealth of treasures, treasure of wealth, bountiful earth, and boundless heaven, soul is the purpose, its sound hears the source, to echo God`s holy word of love.


Dance for joy, joyfully dance, soul dancers of heaven, the heroic rises above, while deeply attuned to life, the play of soul within, the world adventure without, express irrepressible freedom, and the initiative of spirit, self-aware of your place, and active surrender in action!


Soul traveler of heaven, explorer and adventurer, divine god-men of Soul, Every world is yours to expand, touching all wisdoms’ power, in ecstatic enthusiasm joys, For sheer wonder of god in its nature, unbounded indivisible and whole, the eternal traveler will serve!

Sharya/Shariat 6th VIRGO TYPE

Precise perfecting virtue, God`s code of behavior heals, wisdom keeper of perfect grace, genuine, eternal, graceful place, in existence of the Shariat masters, humble ecstasy, cooperative surrender, to work, to love, to serve, to give, and here now discover, for one and all to live!

Sangwa/Sangwan 11th AQUARIUS TYPE

Detached Diamond truth, reverent eternal youth inventive humane and sublime, ancient one renewed and benign, eclectic or changed, far and wide of heaven by winged horse is famed, bearing the many home, by your light of the Friend!

Karun/Karuna 4th CANCER TYPE

Karuna of the Dove, for your beloved, as you love, guardian caretaker, of active compassion, the soul of the wise, as the parent, lover, or mother, resting protective giver, await not your heart that shall ever beat for you the lover, as your beloved!

Ormud/Ormuda 5th LEO TYPE

The illuminated one, playful, childlike, strong, by grace of power of spirit, stands before all with presence, you are the shining golden light, independent as Gods’ great champions, Souls’ own spirit itself, that gift is life always forever!

Bhakta/Bhakti 7th LIBRA TYPE

The bright butterfly of love, ever beautiful of color, the light and sound of grace, the heart of ideal peace, your beloved angel of heaven, to know your wise, the good, and the lover, to walk poised, serene, and at ease to walk in beauty forever!

Prabhu/Prabhu 8th SCORPIO TYPE

Power is Soul being formed, Soul is power transformed humble not of place, but being, bounty not of wealth, but knowing, thy light is thy commandment, thy sight is thy self, and to this pure power creates, by creating, love exists of itself!

Niyan/Niyana 10th CAPRICORN TYPE
The purpose of heaven, the heaven of purpose, to realize the structures of soul, to love principled and empower the word, to be hierarchal and measured, yet creating within the moment, as needs be, needs met, this service to lead and know to be led, as dolphins ride Niyana home, The Niyan self-restrained and whole!

THE 60TH HARMONIC: As there are five forces in physics, Man is said to be of five bodies or vehicles of energy, being the body, emotions, causality (karma), mind, and spirit. This is 5 times 12 or 60, and relates to this high value principle.

SOL SIGN METHOD: The 60th harmonic of the minute of arc of birth, a degree for each minute of degree, is significant astrology because it relates to the inner self, and has dynamics of our real individuality. It is the chart of sol (sun), or the light of Soul. It may be called the sol sign, as we avoid using the word soul to the extent we do not mean to say any one soul has one sign, as we are a conglomeration and fullness that has no specific. It is that we are. Yet here is a useful marker in the chart for the person and this lifetime of our soul purpose.

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