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We have heard the month of music is June. Paneagle says SOL SIGNS aligned with our PLANET POSITIONS may help us realize major musicians and dates of songs could highlight the music we love. Find a musician who has your good planet degrees near their sun dates, or check out a chart of a favorite musician.

EXAMPLES of the MUSIC STARS (June is the month of music)

May gemini's Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan (both top regarded songwriters)- June Gemini's are Paul McCartney, Miles Davis - May born Taurus' is Stevie Wonder, Stevie Winwood, Pat Benatar - Cancer is Jeff Beck, Leo is Mick Jagger, Sagittarius is Beethoven, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Scorpio - Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt and Aquarius is Mozart, Virgo - Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, Libra - John Lennon, Jackson Browne
Aries - Eric Clapton Capricorn - Rod Stewart, Pisces - Jon Bon Jovi and George Harrison

Gemini is Mozart, Leo - Mick Jagger, Sagittarius - John Lennon, Aquarius - Stevie Nicks, Scorpio - Bob Dylan, Capricorn - Jimi Hendrix.

For those SOL signs of famous people and celebrities, to your own best SIGNS AND DATES, check with us. You will be AMAZED at the CONNECTIONS.

John Lennon and Paul Mccartney met on a weekend in August in 1957, a day fated for greatness, and during an afternoon music event, played together for the first time.
They met during an exact SUN and SOL SIGN both in Star making LEO, the Lion, as directly opposed the sol of mars in aquarius, while mars and pluto formed a power chord in Leo, and sextile Neptune, while jupiter also opposed its good friend, sol Jupiter in Pisces to Virgo, giving them craft, talent, and strength.

The follow up Hard Days Night movie of 1964, lucky 7 years later was released with the SOL SIGN IN LEO, during July, and the trip to New York and Shea Stadium was in mid-august and included a sun conjunct mercury in leo, again, and sextile jupiter in
musical gemini. The Ed Sullivan show event of Feb 9, 1964 had a sun in aquarius and the sol moon in aquarius, with sol sign libra conjunct sol mars and the moon node and both trine mercury and venus of artistic expression, to be known as one of the most notable social and most watched events of the century, all of this in sweet arrangement to the original Leo born positions, destined to meet and become what could be called the most famous songwriting team of all time.


Its perfect the perfect imperfection
Its pure the pure love of god
Its truth the master and spirit Vu
Its soul and song in eternal HU
It is ever the light and sound

Take the high road within
Take the long road of heart
Take the easy path with you
Ease the fear and loss and doubt

Live the way of good and love
Live the hope to the dawn
Live the perfection of soul
With the love here and home

Forever it is here to come
Eternal is and ever becomes
Existence of the light, the sound
And being conscious and calm

The Masters have walked you are before
Your along the same call and form
The fresponsible come into the fold
On the ever here now Golden Road


In 1987, his father and fans of Hendrix commissioned the James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix Foundation, as his progressed sun was conjunct his SOL CAPRICORN degree. The creation of ARE YOU EXPERIENCED was recorded in NOV 1966 during the largest meteor shower in recorded history. He was a triple threat with SOL SUN CONJUNCT his SPIRIT ASC and his SPIRIT MOON. The fiery spirit of success artistry (Aries sol-MC and sign spirit mc pisces and sol Capricorn). HENDRIX was also a 6 degree Leo the lion (Sun in Spirit), a dynamic star sign. This is a definitive example of the power and revelation of the SOL and SPIRIT SIGN methods, something we feel JIMI would greatly approve, even if like most, he took Astrology as a secondary study. But there is the proof in signs of the Soul and Spirit of Jimi Hendrix during his lifetime. We wish him great love wherever his Spirit and Soul has gone.

(JIMI HENDRIX (11-27-42) is Sun 4sag50 sol 20CAP 6LEO SPIRIT - MOON 28can 4 48 LUNA 4SAG PSI MOON 18CAP ASC 24SAG40 48 SOLASC 10TAU PSI ASC 18CAP - MC 24lib 11 34 SOL MC 11ARIES PSI MC 4PISCES - Prog 42 5SAG 1966 29SAG 1967 0CAP - 20 CAP AGE 45 = 1987)

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